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Your business goes beyond your desk. So should your scheduling solution. We believe everything should be recorded and transparent.
The Scheduler helps you and you and your employees manage the schedule while on the go. From managing large scale events to carrying our marketing campaigns, create schedules and execute them flawlessly.
Scheduling, the core value of punctuality.


Punctuality is the key factor of any organization and sometimes managing your schedule can be hard and errors can be made such as scheduling two things at the same time. with everyday workload rising it is normal to forget or lose track of your meetings and to do’s.
Our Calendar radically simplifies the process of scheduling events, whether they’re board or team meetings, dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips, or anything else. All displayed in a user friendly manner so you can keep track of your schedule by just glancing at it. our state of the art notifying system can also notify users of upcoming meetings scheduled whether by email or SMS whichever they choose so you don't ever have to be late to a meeting ever again.
Calendar module, your personal smart assistant that brings people together.


Managing company events can be a headache and time consuming, with lots to do such as managing attendees and creating a guest list it takes vital time away from us which could be spent focusing on the quality of the event. We believe all this can be automated and taken care of with minimal effort.
Using our events module, you can create fabulous event without having to worry about the basics, let our module do that for you. Easily create and manage events, in addition to attendees management our module will create the guest list for you once you have reached maximum desired capacity of the event.
Events module, inspiring people to host jaw dropping events.


Do you currently deal with expensive marketing agencies to carry out your email campaigns for you? we believe your campaign should be carried out the way you want it and you should have full control over it.
With the campaigns module, you can create manage, and execute email campaigns for your business whenever and however you want! import your database of emails and create a beautiful looking template and insert the matter and voila! you are ready to start your email campaign.
Campaigns module, helping you email the right people at the right time!