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Keeping in touch has always been a big part of human nature, but it is also natural to forget how to do so. We believe mankind was made to communicate with each other and these means of communication should be kept as secure and readily available as possible.
Helping businesses deal with the vital task of managing your Contacts, Talents, Partners, Vendors and Suppliers.
With the help of our Contacts Section all of this can be achieved easily.


Each and every one of us at some point in our lives forget information vital to us, or cant seem to remember it when we need it the most. Our brains setbacks should not be limitations to our professional lives and therefor we have revolutionised this aspect of our lives.
With the help of our Contacts module, you can see everything about a contact — from background, email history and important dates, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated in.
With QuickNotice's web-based contact management features you won’t miss a thing! and the best part it goes wherever you go with the help of cloud technology.


Managing a group of people can be hard, with talent based businesses we understand the daily needs and processes they have to go through to manage their circle of people, which is why we have challenged our self to automate this procedure.
Talents module not only stores and display a vast array of information for every individual, but you also have the ability to filter down your searches to the slightest of details to give you the people that fit your need. Book your promoters right through the system or export their information to be shared in a profile manner.
The talents module will make your life much easier, whether you manage talents, promoters, or any other group of people this is the tool that will do it for you.


Business is business, regardless of how it reached you. We believe that today's business strategies should not limit you to your workforce. The new era of marketing requires professional networks and key individuals who act in the benefit of your business.
Keep track of your leads, as they provide you with business, you can also automatically calculate each individuals earnings so you don't have to do it manually.
The Leads module will help you keep track of their doings and the amount of business each individual is bringing you. Because every business should take care of its leads.