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What is the backbone of your business? is it the services your provide? or the client you serve? or could it be a group of things. It is the in’s and out’s of your business, the profit you earn and the payments you make. We Inspire businesses to automate this process to be able to keep track of such processes in a timely manner.
From invoices, to service contracts to payments to your company bank accounts - we have it all covered in this handily little section as a business owner the Backoffice section will be your best friend and together you can prosper into a brighter future for you and your business.


Creating invoices is often an unrewarding experience.
Easily filter your late invoices and send reminders with a single click. Tough client? You can even send a reminder to your client direct from the system! Efficiently reminding your late-paying clients is a good way to improve your cash flow.
With Quicknotice Invoicing module, you will finally find it enjoyable. Intuitive, powerful and very complete, you're sure to send your customers flawless documents.

Purchase Order

Are you tired of keeping track of everything manually? and once your business grows so do the tasks, and pretty soon you realize it is almost impossible to keep track of everything by relying on your memory.
If purchase management a key part of your business process, Thanks to the Purchase Order Module, you will be able to control precisely your expenses Create quickly an order, a delivery or a
supplier invoice from all of your sales or purchases documents. Your suppliers get the same attention as your clients.
Precise control over your order's status lets you keep track of your suppliers deliveries all with the help of QuickNotice.

POS Sales

Do you run a retail business? Ever wonder whats happening at your retail store while you're away? We all have these questions that we wonder about when it comes to our business - as it is in the hands of the employee you have hired to run your retail store and this store is your hard works earning and you would love to see it flourish.
Easily track your daily earning, cash in drawer, and other transactions taking place on your retail store from the vicinity of your home or office. All the transactions right there in front of you without having to actually visit your retail outlet. No longer do you have to worry about your earnings going missing or transactions going unnoticed. An easy-to-understand interface gives you a high-level view of your stores earnings.
Quick Notice POS solutions, its the system your retail business deserves.

Service Contracts

After Sales services play a key part in the success of your business, Service contract play a vital role in after sales service - we strive to provide clients with the utmost level of satisfaction after the completion of a project or providing them with a service.

Create and Save flawless service contracts based on your services simply with the click of a few buttons, these service contacts not only help you remind yourself of your currently ongoing contracts but also have the ability to notify your client once their service contract is nearing its end date - maximize your earnings by always being two steps ahead of your due dates.

Service contracts by Quick Notice is the right tool for you to manage your service based business.

Bank Accounts

Lets face it, no one likes to visit the bank and wait in long cues just for the sake of information that could be acquired by other easier means. We believe your professional bank accounts should have every transaction recorded so that you can know exactly where your money is coming from and where its going.
Easily list your businesses bank accounts create, save, and view them at any time. Create reports that show you your annual spending's and earning for each bank account with ease. you may even compare your earnings by selecting a specific time frame period. With access control ensure that this information is not in the wrong hands.
Bank Accounts module, Another QuickNotice innovation created to make your life easier.


Ever wondered what Bank suits your needs the most? or what bank your clients are preferring to make their payments to you? A bank should always work in its customers favor and strive to provide them with cutting edge monetary services.
With the help of our banks module, you can easily display the number of earning you have received or made with each specific bank available in your region. our state of the art charting system visualizes this information and display it to you so your don't have to do the number crunching yourself. It can even provide you with detailed information such as the amount of bills and utilities you have paid to which bank and your earnings and spending's.
Banks module, because your bank should be completely transparent with you.


Every business owner is aware that once a sale is successfully negotiated, payments are received and the product or service has been delivered to the customer, one final step remains. A sales receipt allows your customers to keep track of their own purchases. Often times these sales receipts are created manually until now.
Easily create sales receipts and provide them to your client either in hard copy, or by email PDF these sales receipts can be linked to an account, contact, or even a vendor. we believe in flexibility and you should be able to use your receipts how you see fit. with the added benefit of easily creating your invoices and quotes into receipts we have further eliminated the need for unnecessary button presses and data input.
Quicknotice receipts module will provide your customers with their proof of payment wherever they are.


Losing track of your payments? it is human to forget the daily stress of life and as with business the number of payments can increase beyond our control. We strive to keep track of everything as it happens in our business and payments play a big part as they help keep track of your spending's.
Payments module is a fast, safe way to, make a payment, keep track of them, and link payments to their respective receiving parties. With detailed information such as who the payment was made to, what the payment is related to, whether or not it is related to a certain project or not - you will never be lost again when reviewing your spending's.
Payments module, because your spending's effect your earnings also.