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Whether it is managing accounts, creating quotes or following up with your clients we believe this whole process should be as simple as a click of few buttons.
The Accounts section does all that for you and much more, creating quotation with a beautifully designed interface or accessing your clients database or their complaints to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
The quick notice Accounts section does that and much more.


The highest value for any business are its clients, and without trust and understanding business cannot take place smoothly - we want to inspire businesses to approach each task with a positive mind.
Clients module, gives the users the ability to access all of its clients information in a jiffy! from invoices, to contact personnel, project interactions any other information related to your clients.
Clients module, providing you with the information you need when you need it, right at your fingertips.


Businesses often have to deal with the headache of managing or keeping track of multiple vendors with whom they deal with, these vendors play a vital role for your business as they provide you with services and are a part of your businesses circle of trust as your business relies on them.
Using the vendors module, users can easily look up and interact with their vendors in their time of need - the state of the art CRM capabilities enable us to provide the user with complex information in a user friendly manner from contact information, to services provided to total outstanding balance of a vendor.
Vendors module, because your vendors are also a part of your professional family.


We believe that the core responsibility of any business is to provide their clients with Quotations and Estimated costs, without this process businesses wouldn't be able to proceed with projects and this is the foundation of any work job. We believe this process should be as simple as possible rather than spending hours in front of old age spreadsheet software's.
Making quotations have never been easier, create save and export quotations with complete flexibility whether for a product you sell or a service you provide it is all taken care of. Quotes allows your employees and customers to share the same simple, automated quoting system to save time and receive more leads with automatically calculated, generated, and e-mailed PDF quotes.
Inspire your employees to be more productive.


Does your business provide rental services? it could be equipment, or products or any service which is given out on rental basis. We understand that keeping track of you rental items can be hectic, but with current day technology it should not be a thing to worry about.
With a range of flexible, easy-to-use features, Rentals Module allows you to finally have high-powered control over ALL your rentals and schedules Best of all, it's far less complicated than you ever imagined! The easy-to-use interface makes every task simple and intuitive.
Quicknotice’s Rentals module will make your rental business and life much easier.


A business that does not pay attention to its clients feedback's is on the wrong track, we believe customer feedback and complains are an opportunity to learn from and make ones strategy even better. With the current market competition customer satisfaction is a must.
Receive customer complaints right into Quicknotice Complains module, with the ability to provide your client with a portal for them to leave you feedback - you wont be missing any suggestions or complains from your client so that you may take action against them right away.
Complains Module, because we all have to learn from our mistakes.